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ACOUSTIC TUBE EARPHONE EHACT £12.99 (Each)£12.50 (Each)£12.24 (Each)£11.99 (Each)

ACOUSTIC TUBE EARPHONE EHACT Designed for covert use, the "Listen Only" acoustic tube earphone is comfortable to wear and provides clear audio. 2.5mm or 3.5mm plug 90cm or 3.5mm plug 45cm cable .
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ACOUSTIC TUBE EARPHONE EHACT - 3.5mm Plug 90cmCable £12.99
ACOUSTIC TUBE EARPHONE EHACT - 3.5mm Plug 45cm Cable £12.99
ACOUSTIC TUBE EARPHONE EHACT - 2.5mm Plug 90cm Cable £12.99

EH/ACT/35  EH/ACT/25
Acoustic Tube Listen Only Covert Earphone

Designed for covert use, this acoustic tube earphone is comfortable to wear and provides very clear audio.

Speaker Specifications
Dimension: Ø16(mm)
Impedance: 110 Ω ± 15%
Power Rating: Normal 1.0W
Maximum 1.5W
Cable Specifications
Cable Diameter: Ø3.8, 2.5(mm)
Material: Polyurethane
Cable Length: 45 or 90cm
Colour: Black

3.5mm plug one-metre or 45cm cable. 
2.5mm plug one-metre cable only. 

Has adjustable crocodile clip for attaching to the jacket/shirt collar to help position the accoustic tube in just the right position.

Comes complete with spare ear bud.

Have a good look at the picture, to see that this is a piece of good quality equipment at a sensible price, not to be confused with the cheap and nasty.  

Items are supplied directly from the U.K not China.
Delivery is a day or two not weeks.
You are protected by U.K Consumer Laws.

 Not quite what you were loooking for ? 

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