(headset, earpiece, microphones ect).
Due to the coronavirus, it is important to clean  audio accessories, particularly, if sharing  with other users.

These tips we hope will be useful.

Microphone and earpiece inlets can easily get blocked. 
Please be careful not to press dust or dirt  into any openings whilst cleaning.


• Wear disposable gloves.

 • Most types of commercial disinfectant wet wipes can be used.

 • Water-based disinfectants are optimal; a solution of 70% isopropanol may be used.

• Hand sanitizers should not be used.

• If your accessory has an earloop (behind-the-ear holder), clean the loop with wet wipes that do not contain alcohol.

• Wipe the entire surface of the product with damp disinfectant wipe/towel.

• Take care to avoid directly touching microphone openings with excess liquid.

• After cleaning, discard the gloves and wipes/towel; wash your hands carefully with soap and water or disinfect with a suitable alcohol disinfectant.

• Let the product dry for a couple of minutes prior to use.


We hope this helps
Keep Safe