Hirose Connectors/Adapters and Hirose Accessories

This innovative system utilises our Hirose Connectors/Adapters.
It allows any of our earpieces/headsets to be connected to almost any radio.

You simply select the Connector/Adapter for your radio and then choose the earpiece or headset you require.
Ideal if your organisation uses multiple makes/models of different radios.

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Vat Registered EU Buyers, please contact us with your requirements.

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HI6_Hi-Rose_Connector_for_Icom_F51_F61.jpg HK2_Hi-Rose_Connector_for_Kenwood_TK2140_TK3140.jpg HE2_Hi-Rose_Connector_for_New_Entel_400_series.jpg HM3_Hi-Rose_Connector_for_Motorola_GP340_GP380.jpg HM4_Hi-Rose_Connector_for_Motorola_GP344_GP388.jpg
Order Code Hi6
IC-F3162 / 4162
Order Code HK2
NX200 NX300
Order Code HE2
New 400 Series
Order Code HM3

Order Code HM4
HM6_Hi-Rose_Connector_for_Motorola_Turbo_DP3400.jpg hm14_-_Small.jpg Motorola DP2400 DP2600 Hi Rose HYT Hi Rose PD705 PD785 hhyt3.jpg hhyt4_-Small.jpg HSEP2_-_Small.jpg
Order Code HM6
(DP3400 DP3600)
Order Code HM14
SL1400 SL1600

Order Code HM15
DP2400 DP2600

Order Code HHYT
PD705 PD785

Order Code HHYT3
PD605 PD665


Order Code HHYT4
PD3 Series

Order Code HSEP2
Bottom FIT

Hytera Hyt PD505, PD565,TC-610 TC-620 Hi12B Icom IC-F 1000 200 hi9_Small.jpg HK1_Hi_Rose.jpg
Order Code HHYT2
Screwed Fitting
Hytera HYT
PD505, PD565, PD505
HYT TC-610 TC-620 Power446
Order Code HI12B
Rounded profile socket with retaining screws and rubber seal.
Will fit both round and squared profile.
Order Code HI9
IC-F4400  Series

Order Code HK1
2 Pin
Pig-Tailed Hirose Connector.

Hi Rose Motorola 2 Pin hm2_-small.jpg HY3_Hi_Rose.jpg hy61_-_Small.jpg
Order Code HM1
2 Pin
Pig-Tailed Hirose Connector
Order Code HM2
Single Pin
Pig-Tailed Hirose Connector

Order Code HY3
Vertex/ Yaesu
Pig -Tailed Hirose Connector


Order Code HY6
Vertex S24 Series
Pig -Tailed Hirose Connector.

Accessories for use with the Hirose Connectors/Adapters above.

Noise Cancelling Headset Hi Rose £74.99
Click Here for Product Details! Noise cancelling boom microphone provides clear communications even in noisy areas. Connects to a variety of walkie-talkie radios via the quick release Hi Rose system. [ More Information ]
Hirose D Shape Listen Only Earpiece £9.99
Click Here for Product Details! A Soft rubber earpiece, 90cm Cable [ More Information ]
Hirose EPM22 £16.99
Click Here for Product Details! A lightweight covert ear-bud/mic accessory comprising dual white (mp3 style) ear-buds and small in-line mic/PTT [ More Information ]
Hirose HEPM01 £13.99
Click Here for Product Details! D Shape Earphone with in-line microphone and PTT, The ultimate lightweight headset [ More Information ]
Acoustic Tube Earphone Microphone Hirose £15.99
Click Here for Product Details! Acoustic Tube Earphone/Microphone With ear-bud and in-line microphone PTT. [ More Information ]
Hirose ACTM20 £20.99
Click Here for Product Details! ACCOUSTIC TUBE EARPHONE & MICROPHONE ideal for covert use. Microphone/PTT may be clipped to lapel/top pocket or held in hand. Excellent audio reproduction and robust construction. [ More Information ]
Hirose G Shape Earphone/Earpiece & Microphone. £13.99
Click Here for Product Details! EAR-HOOK EARPHONE/MICROPHONE Adjustable ear-bud earphone with shaped ear-hook and in-line microphone/PTT. [ More Information ]
Hirose Speaker Microphone £16.99
Click Here for Product Details! Remote Speaker Microphone plus the advantage of earphone socket 3.5mm Connected by a durable curly cable and a robust 8 position lapel clip. [ More Information ]
Gel Ear Mould Insert £1.85
Click Here for Product Details! Soft Gel Ear Insert Pink or Black [ More Information ]