Hytera Analogue Radios
Hytera's analogue two-way radios offer excellent performance and great value.
If what you need is a simple, practical solution, then analogue could be the technology for you.
From construction and transportation, to hospitality and facilities, these radios provide no-nonsense communications.


Power 446
Licence Free

Professional, and easy to operate, the HYT POWER446 is a PMR446 radio that excels with its clear voice quality and long battery life.

Thanks to the robust and reliable design and IP66 dust and water protection you can fully concentrate on the task at hand even in harsh environments.


Licence Free

Cost -effective, Small lightweight, licence freePMR446 t radio.The  HYT TC320 offers a lot of  functions for a very attractive price. Excelling with a compact, ergonomic design, the TC-320 delivers excellent sound quality and offers resistance against impacts, ideal for commercial environments.


Licence Free

The Cost -effective HYT TC-446S combines analogue technology with a user-friendly, lightweight design.

This robust radio is ideally suited for use in commercial environments such as facility management, leisure operations, production facitilies or education institutes.




Commercial, full power radio.
The HYT TC-610  is specifically designed to tackle harsh working environments, offering outstanding IP66 dust and water protection.

The HYT TC-610 will ensure your productivity and communications aren't hampered by noise or dirt, making it the ideal companion for the construction industry.



Full power  two way radio. Easy to operate and offering excellent value for money.

The HYT TC-620 has been specially designed for users in facilities management, hotels and the service sector, delivering a variety of useful functions and outstanding sound quality.



Commercial, full power two way radio with safety features for critical applications.
Lone worker, man down alarm and emergency alarm features.

Thanks to the advanced audio processing and anti-interference technologies, the HYT TC-700P delivers clear communication even in noisy environments.
The multi-level safety mechanism esures the TC-700P is the optimal safety solution for critical applications.



TM-600 TM-610

TM-600 and TM-610 mobile radios deliver reliable communications for
desktop or in-vehicle deployments. The TM-600 can indicate the channel on its
numerical 8-segment display. In addition, LEDs can show the channel search and
transmitting power.

The lrarge 15-segment LCD display on the TM-610 provides information on channels
or zones, as well as call numbers and other function settings. .


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