Leather Cases for Simoco Radios

 SRP 8030 (incl 8031) SRP 9120/9130

Leather no other material is quite like it, durable yet flexible, tough yet comfortable.
When it comes to making the best performing radio cases you can buy, leather gives you the edge.

Prices shown exclude vat and delivery.

 Step 2
Click on image of your Radio.

SRP8030_Web.jpg SRP9120_SRP9130.jpg
Simoco SRP 8030/1 Simoco SRP 9120 SRP 9130

None of these?
  We have have templates for many other Simoco cases, please email us with the radio model number, type of the battery being used and the number of cases required.



Klick Fast Fitting
Klick Fast connectors combine quick release and click stop ratchet functions in one.
At the heart of the Klick Fast Carrying System, which can be incorporated into nearly all cases, is the slim durable Klick Fast stud, (left) which allows quick docking and locking of your items, with the additional benefit of a seven position ratchet.