Leather Cases for Simoco Radios

SRP 8010, SRP 8020 (incl 8021), SRP 8030 (incl 8031) SRP 9120/9130

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Leather no other material is quite like it, durable yet flexible, tough yet comfortable.
When it comes to making the best performing radio cases you can buy, leather gives you the edge.

P2 Heavy Duty The workhorse of the range. Tough, firm leather cases built to survive the rigours of industrial environments.
They combine quality with unbeatable prices.

P2 cases suitable for use with IS radios available.  

 Heavy Duty

Firm leather case with fixed leather flap.
Press-studded belt loop. 
Twin "D" Rings to accept optional carrying strap.   

Also available with Leather  Flap or  Cord Strap 

£18.99 each

Klick Fast Add £4.00


P1 Light Useage Soft leather cases for day long comfort in environments such as schools, offices, shops, leisure centres and warehouses. |
Their low prices doesn't mean low quality, they are leather after all . 

 Simoco_P1FE_Front_Case.jpg  Simoco_P1FE_Back_Case.jpg

£15.99 each
 Klick Fast Add £4.00
Light Useage FE 
Medium soft leather case with pressstudded
side opening, leather covered
metal belt clip and twin D-rings

Simoco_P1P0_Front_Case.jpg  Simoco_P1P0_Case.jpg 

£12.99 each
 Klick Fast Add £4.00
Light Useage PO
Elastic sided case in water repellant medium-soft leather with leather covered metal belt clip and twin "D" Rings to accept optional carrying strap

 Simoco_P1RG_Case.jpg Simoco_P1RG_Back_Case.jpg 

£15.99 each
Klick Fast Add £4.00
Light Useage RG
Elastic sided case in nylon lined soft leather with leather covered metal belt clip and twin "D" rings to accept optional carrying strap. 

How To Purchase
  As many of the cases we  offer are custom made to fit particular models and battery types. Rather than useing a shopping cart please email us with the radio model number, type of the battery being used and the number of cases required. We will then email you with a price, and  if you find this acceptable will supply a link to make your purchase. Or alternatively for business users, we will supply an invoice and our bank details to enable payment via BACS



Klick Fast Fitting
Klick Fast connectors combine quick release and click stop ratchet functions in one.
At the heart of the Klick Fast Carrying System, which can be incorporated into nearly all cases, is the slim durable Klick Fast stud, (left) which allows quick docking and locking of your items, with the additional benefit of a seven position ratchet.
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