Leather Cases for Tait Radios
Tait Excel or Elan
TP8110, TP8115, TP8120, TP8135, TP8140

Prices shown exclude vat and delivery.

Step 2
Click on the image of your Radio. 

Tait_5030_5035_5040_small.jpg TP8100_Series_small.jpg

Cases are mainly tailor made,
Please do not order unless you
are certain of the radio model number.

Excel Elan 5010/5030 5015/5035 5020/5040  TP8110 TP8115/8135 TP8120/8140 If in any doubt or if your case not shown, please contact us



How To Purchase
  As many of the cases we  offer are custom made to fit particular models and battery types. Rather than useing a shopping cart please email us with the radio model number, type of the battery being used and the number of cases required. We will then email you with a price, and  if you find this acceptable will supply a link to make your purchase. Or alternatively for business users, we will supply an invoice and our bank details to enable payment via BACS


Klick Fast Fitting
Klick Fast connectors combine quick release and click stop ratchet functions in one.
At the heart of the Klick Fast Carrying System, which can be incorporated into nearly all cases, is the slim durable Klick Fast stud, (left) which allows quick docking and locking of your items, with the additional benefit of a seven position ratchet.